Concentration on topics, depth, technical skills and details

A good insight into Nauka can be achieved by Seminars. They provide a good start for newcomers, while advanced students can strengthen their skills and gain new knowledge.

Nauka Seminars:

–       are conducted only by qualified Nauka Teachers

–       last usually one or more days with several hours of training per day

–       include the necessary equipment and gear provided by the Nauka Teacher

–       teach theoretical and practical skills, which are directly tested in live-scenarios

–       come with a Nauka Certificate of Attendance for attestation and record

–       are conducted in Nauka Fighting Academies or at another location, chosen by a host

–       are available in the following forms:

  • Intro (for everybody)
  • Evo (for everybody)
  • Pro (professionals only)
  • Custom (for everybody)

The Nauka Fighting Intro is an introduction to the Nauka Fighting Style. It is a perfect start and provides solid Self-Defense training for everyone. Learn to apply the core-principles and master the basic movements, on which everything else in Nauka builts on. The simplicity of this class makes it the perfect Self-Defense Seminar.

The Nauka Evo Seminars are an evolution of the Nauka Intro. These advanced courses focus only on one special topic to work on the details.

  • Nauka Combat Boxing
    Learn to effectively strike with arms, legs and head for attack and defense.
  • Nauka Combat Wrestling
    Learn to apply holds, locks, throws and chokes in extreme close range.
  • Nauka Combat Fencing
    Learn to fight with and defend against different weapons in all ranges.
  • Group Protection
    Defending against multiple unarmed or armed attackers, who often attack simultaneously. Learn how to defend yourself alone or as a team against groups.
  • Vehicle Protection
    Protect yourself in or around various vehicles, like cars, trucks, busses, trains or planes against any kind of attacks.
  • House Protection
    Protect and fortify your home, work place or other buildings against any intruders, like burglars, stalkers, kidnappers or murderers.
  • Survival Sector
    Learn useful skills from a survival standpoint. Topics could be Health, Location, Equipment, Wilderness and Energy.
  • Tradition Sector
    History in live training. Learn how our ancestors used ancient weapons and experience amazing cultural games.

The Nauka Pro Seminars are specified follow-ups to the Nauka Intro. They provide solutions to professionals from the Military and Law Enforcement for example. In addition to the Nauka Evo Seminars, professionals can choose from these courses.

  • Control & Arrest
    Criminals are most dangerous, when they fear the end of their actions. Suspects can violently resist and attack, when they have to be arrested. A big problem in those situations is the conflict between the safety of the Officer or Soldier and the safety of a suspect. Learn how to apply intelligent tactics and techniques to control a suspect, while maximize your own safety.
  • Vehicle Extraction
    Stopping a suspicious vehicle for control and check involves always a high risk for personal safety. This risk is even higher, when you have to extract the persons. Learn how to protect yourself and your partners, while getting unarmed, armed and multiple suspects out of different vehicles and controlling the situation.
  • Gun Fencing
    Guns are for shooting, but you should know what you can do with them, if they run out of ammo, jam or the distance is too close. This unique training will provide you with skills to use your guns “cold”. You will still have effective weapons for combat. Gun Fencing will elevate your Firearm skills to a higher level and teach you skills you never knew you could do them with your gun.
  • Lone Survival
    Professionals mostly work in teams, but there is always a possibility to end up alone in a dangerous situation. Scenarios could involve being kidnapped, working undercover, separated from the unit, missing in action or becoming a prisoner of war. Learn how to fight and survive being totally alone and exposed to threatening situations.

Do you have special wishes?
Maybe you want a specific topic or skillset. We will find out how to help you.
We also have a wide range of skilled partners from different branches, with who we can arrange your perfect Seminar.

The Nauka Custom Seminar is flexible concerning topics and time for special client needs. They can be designed freely or based on the topics of the Intro, Evo and Pro Seminars.

You can mix up elements from:
Self-Defense – Combat Boxing – Combat Wrestling – Combat Fencing – Vehicle Protection – House Protection – Group Protection – Survival Sector – Tradition Sector

Professionals can also ad:
Control & Arrest – Vehicle Extraction – Gun Fencing – Lone Survival

Do you have special wishes?
Maybe you want a specific topic or skillset. We will find out how to help you.
We also have a wide range of skilled partners from different branches, with who we can arrange your perfect Seminar.