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Full concentration on the student can be guaranteed in the Nauka Personal Training. These closed-door sessions are highly individual, concerning time, topic and intensity. The Nauka Personal Trainings can be discussed with official Nauka Teachers and are usually booked per hour (60 minutes). The Teacher provides his time, a suitable training place, the equipment and the required teaching curriculum. If the Student wants the training at another place, this is possible and can be arranged, too.

The following options are available:

  • Nauka Personal Training Single – 1 Student + 1 Teacher.
  • Nauka Personal Training Group – 2 to 4 Students + 1 Teacher.

So a Nauka Personal Training Student benefits from:

  • Most efficient form of training – full concentration of the Teacher on the Student
  • Flexible time – individual times matching your personal schedule
  • Flexible place – home, hotel, gym, garage, outdoor or Nauka Fighting Academy
  • Free choice of topic – from Fitness to Combatives to isolation of single skills
  • Individual length – the Student decides how long the training lasts
  • Personal interview – the Teacher will design the training on the Student’s needs
  • Equipment and gear – discount on products from the Nauka Fighting Arsenal
  • Additional Training – discount on Nauka Fighting Seminars

The Nauka Personal Training is mandatory for future Nauka Teachers, in addition to other requirements.