The Nauka Fighting Style can be trained on a regular base in:

  • Nauka Fighting Academies (Schools)
  • Nauka Fighting Outposts (Training Groups)



People who want train the Nauka Fighting Style on a regular base can go to an official Nauka Fighting Academy. They can be found on different locations and are always the home of a qualified Nauka Fighting Coach, who provides proper training space, equipment, a timeplan, a group of students and Nauka training according to the official curriculum.

Regular Nauka training brings solid results and one can clearly work on the skills while training with a group of other Naukans.

Here you can find official Nauka Fighting Academies worldwide:

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Delon Stojanović Rank: Nauka Inheritor, Company President
Daniel Stojanović Rank: Nauka Inheritor
Address: Nauka Fighting Academy Aachen (Headquarter), Krantzstr. 10, 52070 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49 176 75159149
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Rich Graham Rank: Nauka Coach Level 2, Nauka National Agent USA
Address: Orlando, Florida, USA
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Website: &

Background: Rich Graham is a former Navy SEAL and founder of „Trident Fitness Tactical“. He and his staff offer classes for Trident Fitness, Firearms Training and Nauka Fighting. Rich is also the contact person for Nauka in the USA, as he is the official Nauka National Agent for the USA.



Not everybody wants to run a full business. Some people want just to train and evolve in a private environment. We do not want to keep you from training the Nauka Fighting Style, because of locational, financial or administrative restrictions – we want to encourage you to train it for yourself.

A Nauka Outpost is the perfect training group for interested people and is led by a Nauka Scout, who organizes the trainings and looks out for further Nauka education. The group regularly meets and trains at their location.

To get more input and feedback, they regularly invite a Nauka Coach and visit Nauka Seminars as well as Nauka Fighting Academies. Outposts are not official Nauka Academies and they do not charge money for training.

They will be listed here, to make it easier for people to find training partners and to practice Nauka in a small and private group.

After a time, the group may grow and want to have a bigger training space. The Scout may feel ready become a Nauka Coach and open up a Nauka Fighting Academy. If this happens, we will help you for your next step.

To keep a certain quality, we have requirements. This list shows some examples:

-       Minimum 2 interested persons, from which one is the organizer - the Nauka Scout

-       All Outpost participants must be Nauka Supporters and fulfill the same terms

-       No official gym. Trainings can be conducted in areas like rooms, garages, warehouses, basements, backyards or parks

-       Own training is based on Seminars, Personal Trainings and Academy visits

-       Regionally divided in city districts

-       Appointed by Nauka Inheritors and recommended by Nauka Coaches

-       An official Nauka Flag

-       Regular contact to the Nauka Clan and reports to the Coaches

-       Present Nauka in a good light to the public

-       Listed on the main website and advertised by the Headquarter

-       No own advertising, except by Nauka Fighting Arsenal products, Nauka Flag and word of mouth

-       Discount on Nauka Fighting Arsenal, Seminars, Personal Trainings and Training in Academies

-       Starter-kit available, with group equipment

-       No money charging, no logo using, no promotion of a wrong Nauka status

-       Absolute loyality to the Nauka Clan and showing constant solidarity


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