The Nauka Fighting Style is a well-kept tradition of the Stojanovi
ć Family since 1910. Originally created to protect the lives of the family members, it was only passed on from father to son. Until today, Nauka has saved many lives and kept the family members on the right track (or brought some back on it).N W

In 2010, after exactly 100 years, the Nauka Inheritors decided to share their family tradition with the world, so other people can protect themselves as well. The consequences were amazing and the feedbacks of saved lives are priceless.

The growing number of interested Nauka Students requires qualified Nauka Coaches. So the Nauka Inheritors formed a worldwide unique educational system to create those future Coaches.

If you are interested in joining our Nauka Clan to learn and teach the Nauka Fighting Style, please contact us. Tell us about yourself and which plans you have with Nauka. We will evaluate all potential candidates and accept a limited number.

People from the whole world are asking us for instructorship. This is possible, but there will never be a fast-track instructor course or certification by learning only from helping materials, like the internet, videos or books. You can only learn the traditional way – hard training with qualified Nauka Coaches.

Becoming a qualified Nauka Coach will not be easy, as we want you to get an excellent education and to be able to teach high-level self-defense with Nauka. Your students` lives may depend on this!




Teaching the Nauka Fighting Style requires constant training and lifelong learning. To keep the Nauka quality up and to motivate a Coach additionally, the Nauka Experience Points (NXP) were created. We believe that experience and the ability to constantly use it, are most important for an educational system. By publishing them openly on this website, everybody can see what the teaching person has done and how he or she is evolving, as a teacher, a student and a fighter.

-       NXP are earned by constant effort

-       NXP are important for self-assessment

-       NXP are required for further graduations

-       NXP serve as a distinctive mark

-       NXP are openly visible and only on the main website

-       NXP are exclusively granted by Nauka Inheritors

-       NXP are earned through Seminars, Battles, Personal Trainings and Time:

  • Seminars provide technical experience
  • Battles provide practical experience
  • Personal Trainings provide technical and practical experience
  • Time provides teaching experience

Presentation of NXP:

Qualification: NXP-0 (S-0, B-0, P-0, T-0)

Explanation of NXP:

NXP = Total amount of Nauka Experience Points
P = Personal Trainings. 1 NXP for 1 Session
S = Seminar Trainings. 1 NXP for 1 Seminar
B = Battles Trainings. 1 NXP for 1 Battle
T = Time. 1 NXP for 1 active year

This form of unique “graduation” should motivate a Naukan to train and test constantly, as well as provide more transparency of one`s training effort to others. It also addresses the individual nature of a Naukan. For example: Some seek more practical experience and some seek more technical experience, while some seek both. All of them gain experience and can evolve like they wish to.

The NXP are exclusively open to specifically registered Naukans and only distributed by Nauka Inheritors and according to their judgement.



The educational system is presented in a hierarchy. The Nauka Coach Ranks and the Inheritors have an English title and a Serbian title. Coaches earn a Nauka Scarf in addition to their title. The Nauka Scarf is a traditional mark among European underworld cultures. It is also a practical tool and can be worn in many ways.

Ranks 2016


The Nauka Fighting Style is a family tradition and is passed from father to son for over a century. The Nauka Inheritors are the current holders of this tradition and keep their hand over everything concerning the Nauka Fighting Style and its environment. Such an opportunity requires very much and the Inheritors will give everything to bear this title and lead the Nauka Clan in a good direction. The current Nauka Inheritors are Delon Stojanovi
ć and his brother Daniel Stojanović.



Globalization of the Nauka Fighting Style requires loyal people. The National Agents are responsible for all actions in their country and help to keep the Nauka Clan living. The National Agent is not part of the educational system, but an additional title. They are chosen among the Nauka Coaches and Recruits by the Inheritors, to represent the Nauka Clan in their Country.



Qualified Nauka Coaches are the leaders of Nauka Fighting Academies and have earned their title as a teacher and a fighter. Becoming a Nauka Coach is not an easy task and requires a lot of ambition. They are personally tested by the Nauka Inheritors. On the other side, Nauka Coaches enjoy a lot of benefits concerning personal growth, status and business. There are 5 Ranks in the Coach hierarchy, each with its own material and requirements. Their purpose is to help the Coach to fully concentrate on his mission and to keep him growing.



To become a qualified Nauka Coach, one has to fulfill all requirements and go through a rough procedure. When a Student wants to become a Nauka Coach, he becomes a Nauka Recruit first. Within the time as a Recruit, various tests will happen and intensive training with the Inheritors and Coaches is mandatory. A Recruit has to build up the entire base for his future Coach work and a Nauka Fighting Academy.



A Nauka Scout is an organizer of a Nauka Group, which comes together to train elements of the Nauka Fighting Style. The Scout is not a qualified Nauka Coach and does not officially teach the Nauka Fighting Style to the public. The Scout may seek to become an official Nauka Coach and open a Nauka Fighting Academy. He is the contact person within a Nauka Group and manages the regular trainings with Nauka Coaches.



Nauka Students are people who study and practice the Nauka Fighting Style regularly. Although they have not achieved a teaching title yet, more advanced Nauka Students will always be ready to help the less experienced. It is their personal decision, if they want to stay a Student or in addition progress to a higher rank. W
hatever they decide, the Students live their life as Naukans and value the principles of their Nauka Clan.



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