Within the Nauka Fighting Style, there is no such thing as levels for students, as this can easily disrupt the never ending learning process of a Naukan. The Coaches have a rank system with a teaching outline, which helps them to effectively transfer the Nauka Fighting Style to the students. Beside being a Coach, they stay lifelong students as well.

Defending with Nauka means to be able to fight against confronting dangers. Therefore it is essential to sharpen the skills and to constantly test them against resisting opponents and in unknown situations. To effectively simulate such danger and violence for the students, the Nauka Battles came up.

Building on the harsh warrior forging of the ancestors, the Nauka Battles offer a proof of the learnt in various full-contact fights for several hours. The student is physically and mentally under constant pressure and learns to connect both efficiently when needed.

The Naukan must fight in the Nauka Disciplines:

  • Nauka Boxing - all strikes - arms, elbows, legs, knees, head
  • Nauka Wrestling - all holds - clinches, takedowns, chokes, locks
  • Nauka Fencing - all weapons - sharp, pointy, blunt, flexible, projectile
  • Nauka Fighting - all together - anything can happen and anything can be used

 The following facts are important:

  • Various parameters can be implemented (weapons, groups, obstacles, disabilities)
  • Different tasks for concentration and mental stress are completed between the fights
  • Necessary protective equipment is used (safety first)
  • The full-contact fights continue for 2-3 hours without longer breaks
  • There is NO winner and NO loser (this is not a competition)
  • There are NO awards or prizes (gain experience)
  • Only one Rule: RESPECT (do not injure your partner, but provide the required resistance)
  • Nauka Battles are always guided by official Nauka Coaches

The Nauka Battles are a worldwide unique testing system.

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