Nauka training for Rescue Services is designed for:
First Responders • Medics • Fire Fighters • Disaster Control • Hospitals • Ambulances

Examples of topics where Nauka can help Rescue Services:

  • Unarmed personal protection for Rescue Services
  • Reducing the risk of being attacked and harmed by assailants
  • Control tactics and reducing injury risks for controlled persons
  • Dealing with attackers on drugs, alcohol or with mental disturbance
  • Team work for partners
  • Fighting in tight places, like medic rooms, ambulances, other vehicles or hallways
  • Using equipment and common objects for defense
  • Fighting against armed and / or multiple attackers
  • Surviving hospital shootings and other Amok types
  • Breaking physical fights of other people
  • Defending on slippery ground, covered with blood, feces, vomit, medications or mud
  • Fighting with disabilities from injuries
  • Personal safety while working in rooms or buildings
  • Fitness conditioning for Rescue Services
  • Dealing with people in panic and fear
  • Cooperation with Law Enforcement and Military or Security Services
  • Working in amusement zones, like nightclubs and bars, concerts, shows or sports events
  • Injury prevention during training and on duty
  • Protection against looting and raids in times of public unrest and riots
  • Incorporating Nauka into your own concepts and wishes


“We wish you a safe and peaceful life, but in case that our wishes cannot help, better keep Nauka with you!” Nauka Codex


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