Nauka training for Organizations is designed for:
Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO) • Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO) • Governmental Organizations (Agencies)

Examples of topics where Nauka can help Organizations:

  • Securing the work of Organisations for trade, cultural, linguistic, ethnic, religious, historical, economic, educational, rights, health, aid or regional issues
  • Reducing the risk of being attacked and harmed by assailants
  • Being personally able to defend yourself and others, when Security Service is not available
  • Understanding and using of local cultural and living aspects
  • Surviving situations of hijacking by pirates, slave traders (human traffic) or terrorists
  • Team work for partners
  • Using various equipment and common objects for defense
  • Defending against armed and / or multiple attackers
  • Breaking physical fights of other people
  • Fighting with disabilities from injuries or tied hands
  • Cooperation with Law Enforcement, Military and Security Services
  • Injury prevention during training and on missions
  • Incorporating Nauka into your own concepts and wishes


“We wish you a safe and peaceful life, but in case that our wishes cannot help, better keep Nauka with you!” Nauka Codex

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