Nauka training for Law Enforcement is designed for:
Police Officers • LE Special Forces • Correctional Officers / Jailers • Customs / Border Protection Officers (CBP)

Examples of topics where Nauka can help the Law Enforcement:

  • Extraction from vehicles, cells, rooms or other tight places
  • Arrest and control of a suspect
  • Reducing injury risks for arrested suspects
  • Weapon retention and recapturing
  • Using equipment, like handcuffs, OC sprays, tasers, batons
  • Fighting with skilled martial artists or combatants
  • Team work for partners or K9 handlers
  • Backup when the firearm has a malfunction or is not accessible
  • Fighting against armed and / or multiple attackers
  • Breaking physical fights of other people
  • Officer safety while clearing rooms or buildings
  • Matching into existing 'Defensive Tactics' and 'Use of Force' concepts
  • Operator training for Special Forces
  • Fighting with disabilities from injuries or tied hands
  • Using typical criminal's weapons as a last defense solution
  • Backing for Officers on undercover missions
  • Fitness conditioning for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Injury prevention during training and on duty
  • Incorporating Nauka into your own concepts and wishes


“We wish you a safe and peaceful life, but in case that our wishes cannot help, better keep Nauka with you!” Nauka Codex

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