Nauka training for Companies is designed for:
Companies • Associations • Clubs • CEO / CFO / Executives • Business Travellers • Service Staff

Examples of topics where Nauka can help Companies:

  • Personal protection and Self-defense for dangerous situations
  • Safety on Business travels and sales tours
  • Matching trainings for working groups, like Air Crews, Realtors, News Crews and others
  • Being personally able to defend yourself and others, when Security is not available
  • Worldwide private and personal training options
  • Get new inspiration and motivation
  • Stress and tension release
  • Protecting your work place against aggressive clients
  • On site coaching how to fortify your own workplace and defend in there
  • Defending yourself in and at vehicles
  • Internet safety to protect your privacy against crime and mobbing
  • Countering workplace violence
  • Preventing mugging, robbery and burglary
  • Elevation of physical and mental skills
  • Preventing abduction and hijacking
  • Escaping when being kidnapped
  • Self-defense and civil courage in public areas
  • Applying to the self-defense laws in your country
  • Using common objects around you for defense
  • Defending against revenge attacks from former employees or colleagues
  • Gaining more self-confidence
  • Incorporating Nauka into your own concepts and wishes


“We wish you a safe and peaceful life, but in case that our wishes cannot help, better keep Nauka with you!” Nauka Codex

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