It is said, that “the Pen is mightier than the Sword”. That may be true in many occasions, but our experience has taught us that we should renounce neither, but rather combine both in a functional way - Fierce fighting skills commanded by intelligent tactics and strategies. Nauka Codex

Nauka, “The Science,“ is a fighting style from Serbia. It is worldwide used for Personal Protection, Defensive Tactics and Military Combatives so people can deal with violence.

Since its origination in 1910, Nauka has had one major goal - to defeat enemies in the best possible way, whether they are criminals, soldiers, terrorists or other threats. Another important aspect is the positive effect on mental and physical health. So in general, Nauka is about the expansion of honorable values and getting home safely at the end of the day.

Violence is a part of our nature and has always been with us. Most people in our societies understand its consequences and try to avoid it. The problem starts with ignoring violence, because some people will exploit this. When violent acts occur to people who have always ignored it, they are mentally overwhelmed by the situation and are not able to respond properly. This can be life threatening.

Nauka was born and raised in the streets and battlefields of Europe. Therefore, Nauka knows the problems of violence and offers a complete training. It uses centuries-proven war arts and adapts them to the Combatives of our time. To successfully protect against modern violence, one must first understand it. You better know the environment in which you move, because this is the environment in which you will have to defend yourself! Street mentality is a world unto itself. It has its own languages, cultures, rituals and rules. Not for nothing is such an environment called the "Concrete Jungle".

Nauka focuses on the cultivation of intelligence, emotion and instinct, while using simple movements. It works as an update of innate human protective mechanisms. This keeps it functional in extreme situations, where highly demoralizing conditions are involved, like fatigue, improper gear and equipment, unfamiliar and varied terrain, injuries, emotions, armed and multiple opponents.

A major strategic concept is the Nauka Conflict Matrix, which emphasizes 5 solutions to deal with conflicts. Each phase has its own sub-sections and special training methods. A Naukan will learn things like avoiding potential conflicts, prevention and preparation, timely exit of conflicts, rapid escape, exploration of safer places, confidence and strong outside appearance, verbal de-escalation and commands, first aid, necessary escalation and proper use of violence (worst case).

When it comes to fighting, Nauka utilizes the NAPAD Fight Plan, a tactical concept which leads the Naukan through all phases of a fight. The word “napad” means “attack“ in Serbian and when the NAPAD Plan is properly executed, opponents are overrun mentally and physically in the shortest amount of time. A Naukan follows the script and uses trained skills, which makes it much easier to deal with the chaos of a fight.

In training, Nauka concentrates on two major goals that support each other:

  • Protection: Training for real violence and dangerous situations. Focus on defense, combat, survival.
  • Perfection: Training for personal evolution and skill sharpening. Focus on attributes, improvement, growth.



The Nauka Fighting Style is divided in the following sections:

  • Nauka Boxing
    Methods of Punching and Kicking • Defense against Punches and Kicks • Striking with the whole Body • Taking Impacts • Counter Methods • Power Development

  • Nauka Wrestling
    Clinches, Locks and Chokes • Throws and Takedowns • Escapes from Holds • Clinching Limbs, Clothes and Flesh • Ground Wrestling • Arrest and Control Methods

  • Nauka Fencing
    Using Sharp, Pointed, Blunt and Fire Weapons • Defense against Weapon Attacks • Objects and Equipment as Weapons • Street Weapons • Disarms • Weapon Safety

  • Nauka Moving
    Walking, Running, Crawling, Climbing, Jumping, Falling, Rising • Moving in urban and natural Terrain • Breathing • Fluid Movement • Mental and Physical Attributes

  • Nauka Thinking
    Conflict Communication Matrix • Types of Civil Courage • Self-Defense Laws • Mental Preparation • Motivation • Anxiety and Anger Management • Street Mentality and Ritual Behavior • Dealing with Violence • Psychic Manipulation

  • Nauka Defending
    Scenarios and Simulations • Defense against Groups • Ambushes • Abductions • Threats • Home Protection • Fighting in Different Places • Different Positions • Injuries and Disabilities • Unfavorable Conditions • Protecting Others

  • Oldschool Nauka
    Traditional Nauka Fighting • Serbian Warrior History • Weapons, Tactics & Techniques • Battle Rituals and Combat Traditions • Body Conditioning • Warrior Connections (Old Days to now) • Chivalry • Hajduk Warrior Battles (Traditional Competitions)

  • Nauka Battle Testing
    Self-testing of learned skills in various Full-Contact Fights for several hours • Nauka Disciplines: Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Thinking, Moving, Fighting (all together) • Implemented Parameters (Weapons, Groups, Obstacles, Disabilities) • Protective Equipment • One Rule: Respect (do not injure your partner, but provide the required resistance)


The Nauka Fighting Style is sometimes called „Dirty MMA“. This is because people believe in the practical combative application of Nauka, same as they believe in the practical sports application of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Functional techniques, ruthless conditioning and constant pressure testing lead to sharp skills and tools. MMA is a high-class sport, which brings good athletes to compete each other and become better. It emphasizes all ranges of unarmed fighting and concentrates on the best working tactics and techniques for the ring or cage.

MMA has also deep roots in the old arts of Boxing and Wrestling. Training with Nauka, people started to say that Nauka is very similar to MMA, but with a naughty twist and without rules. It is a badass version of MMA, like it is the „Charly Sheen“ of Martial Arts.

So Nauka got its nickname: Dirty MMA




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