From ancient times until today, people like to surround themselves with like-minded people. Members of the Naukan Clan, or “Naukans“ are no different. They form a worldwide family of brothers and sisters united in the Nauka Clan, where freedom and community are preserved through loyalty and respect.

The Nauka Clan is deeply rooted in the chivalry of the Serbian culture, as this is the founders' personal heritage and their source of power through their own history. We also believe in human nature and that a person can do good or evil things in life without any connections to their origin. We actively seek out people who are doing good things and have a positive outlook on life. As a Naukan, you must be open-minded and respectful to other Naukans. All cultures are welcome. As we have all experienced suppression in our history and in our societies, we do not tolerate cultural, racial, religious, political, or gender-related suppression or discrimination in our Nauka Clan. Although occasional jokes might come from other Naukans, nothing is meant to be disrespectful. In the end, we are all part of the same Clan – We are Naukans.

The Nauka Clan offers a great network, where Naukans are helping out other Naukans, whether in their private or in their working life. Everybody has something he or she is good at and it helps to talk to experts from different professions to share experiences. In addition to ordinary civilians, Naukans consist of professionals across all sectors, such as companies, organizations, law enforcement, military, rescue services, security services, schools, celebrities, sports athletes, stuntmen and many more. Every Naukan profits from the Clan and every Naukan can give back to the Clan. This is our strong community.

Nauka Clan Members are wisely chosen. Traditionally, this comes from the strict rules in the Communist Era in Yugoslavia, but also from older times under different terrible occupations. The Nauka ancestors had to be clandestine about their heritage. Their culture, their faith and their Nauka Fighting Style were all practiced in secret. Today we are free to do what we want, but we still keep this tradition, as we do not want the wrong people in our Clan.

Nowadays, we live faster and faster, with more tension, less time and more threatening violence in between. The Nauka Clan serves as a stronghold for like-minded people, who share honesty, respect and loyalty. Naukans regularly come together for meetings, parties and other events. They are also involved in many chartity projects, to help those who need it. Naukans live as heroes – heroes of their own life. We believe that everybody can be as one.

The unity of the Nauka Clan is represented by the “Nauka Bear Paw” Logo. Even though Naukans have a different origin, they share the same attitudes, as well as their passion for the Nauka Fighting Style and their Nauka Clan. They identify with logo on flags, clothes, patches and other media. Some examples are shown in the Nauka Gallery.



Our Symbol and Coat of Arms is the “Nauka Bear Paw” and is explained like this:

  • In Slavic mythology, the bear is a very special animal, through its calmness and strength.
  • 5 conflict solutions concentrated in one direction (Conflict Matrix)
  • The human body is symbolized by the large part of the paw. The claws represent the 5 weapons of the body – the legs, the arms and the head.
  • Someday someone said about the family: "These gentlemen are like bears. They go their own way, which you better should not block!"



Nauka is led by the Stojanović Brothers, who represent 100% of concentrated family tradition.
Since their early childhood, they have been immersed in the world of martial arts. Their journey in this discipline began in the 1980s and has led them through different fighting styles from around the world. They gained deep experience and several degrees in various international martial arts. The brothers have always been fascinated by European martial tradition, which they experienced as children by their family. Following the heritage of their ancestors, who were Hajduk Warriors in the Balkans and struggled for freedom, they learned the family fighting style, which is today known as Nauka.
The brothers live and love their craft - they understand it very well to inspire other people and to help them in their training. They do their best to honor the family name Stojanović, meaning the Steadfast.
For them, Nauka is not only for self-protection, but also stands for lifelong learning, intellectual maturity and honorable behavior. Both work in the company's management and devote themselves to research, development and teaching the Nauka Fighting Style to their sons, their students and international professionals.

Delon Stojanović (Deks)

Delon3Delon is the Company President, CEO and Master Coach. He is a proud Inheritor of the family tradition and developer of today`s Nauka Fighting Style, as well as all Nauka related departments. He is considered a visionary and has a keen sense for improvements in training. His passion for martial arts, survival and lifelong learning cannot be overlooked. Delon is a former security operator, who worked in the Balkans and Europe. He is a certified Instructor and Black Belt in various martial arts, a graduated communications manager, certified in weapon proficiency and actively working as a defense contractor. His skills are valued by professionals worldwide. Be careful - his madness about Nauka is catching!

“I often hear the claim, you should only learn from the best. Well, how do you know that someone is the best and his teachings fit to your needs? Some of the most practical things in my life were brought to me by so called bad guys. Having a flair for valuable learning sources is an important attribute, which is reflected in my Nauka Fighting Style. Learn from everybody!” Delon Stojanović

Daniel StojanovićDaniel3

Daniel is a Master Coach at Nauka. As an Inheritor of the family tradition and Delon`s brother, he supports him in the Nauka affairs. He impresses with his clear mind, his quiet nature and his skills in martial arts. Beside his graduation in communications management, Daniel is certified in weapon proficiency and a qualified IT-specialist, so that he is also responsible for computer-aided developments within the company. He is a sincere teacher, but do not get scared - His serious look when he is thinking is not meant to harm.



Rich GrahamRich3

Rich is a US Navy SEAL Veteran and the Founder of Trident Fitness, LLC. He has an extensive martial arts and combatives background. Beside teaching Nauka, his work includes Tactical Training (Firearms, K9, Survival), Health and Fitness Training, as well as his personal development program called `Full Spectrum Warrior` (FSW).
Qualification: Nauka Fighting Coach Rank 2, NXP-32 (S-5, B-2, P-20, T-5)



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